Hood Wrapping 101: The Basics

"Learn the Secret Hood Wrapping Techniques That Will Save Your Company Time and Money and Keep Your Customers Happy Because They Will Have No Mess In Their Kitchens"

Fellow business owner,

What took me thousands of dollars and countless hours of trial and error to learn, I'm about to give to you for a fraction of that cost.  Kitchen exhaust cleaning can be a challenging job especially with no training.  

If you are fortunate enough to have the money to go to one of the vent a hood cleaning schools then you will shave light years off of the time it takes you to "get it right".

Wrapping a hood, tarping a hood, draping, etc are some of the terms we use in the hood cleaning industry to prevent making a mess in a commercial kitchen.  

It's basically making a funnel out of plastic or other material to control the wash water into a bucket or a floor drain.  

When done properly, it not only
saves the customer from equipment being destroyed, but can also save the hood cleaning contractor a lot of time and ultimately, MONEY!

You are just a couple of minutes away from learning the proper way to wrap a kitchen hood, so keep reading.  This "How-To" video is a short video, PACKED full with information on the basics of wrapping a hood.  

I show the tools needed for your standard hood setup and also throw in some little tricks that will take you a little bit beyond the basics.

"Anthony's video is an excellent tool for the kitchen exhaust cleaner just starting out.  You will save time and money from his simple and easy to follow instructions.  As a veteran in this industry, I wish I would have had this video when I was starting out.  I give him an A+ rating." 

Michael Tessaro, Centex Pressure Washing Service (Serving Central Texas since 1987)

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Why Did You Make This Video, Anthony?

I'll tell you why; Of all the hours I spend on the hood cleaning forums like The Grease Police.com and others, draping a vent hood seems to be where most new cleaning contractors have problems.  

I love helping my fellow hood cleaners, especially the ones that want to clean correctly!

I also love my customers and I think every restaurant owner/manager deserves to have a kitchen exhaust cleaner that takes proper care of their kitchen.  Everybody wins.  

  • The hood cleaning contractor saves time and money because there is no mess to clean up afterward.
  • The restaurant owner gets the level of quality that they deserve and may also save money because the contractor will be much faster with their cleanings.
  • I win because I get to help my industry and make a little money for my family in the process.

What Is On The Video?

This video is a demonstration of a basic hood wrapping;  I walk you through step-by-step.  It is the kind of hood that you typically see 90% of the time in restaurants.  

I also show the basic tools needed for 99% of the jobs you will run into.  


No duct tape picture

The wrapping of this specific hood in the video usually takes me somewhere in the 3 minute range to complete by myself.  Don't worry, you will get there too!  

Other videos teach hood wrapping using duct tape, you may have even tried it yourself...well, I will save you from that HELL. We both know how well that works.

"Anthony shows years worth of knowledge in this video, it's worth every penny" 

Trey Posey (
Sentinel Cleaning, Inc.)

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What is NOT on this video?

If you have been in business 14 years, know how to wrap different hoods and not make a mess in kitchens then this video is probably not for you!  In this video I do not go into complicated systems; this is NOT an advanced video.  

This video is for the contractor who is having a tough time
wrapping a hood and/or doesn't know what tools to use.  

It is for the newbie hood cleaner that just can't get it right and ends up having puddles of water everywhere that eventually give way and make a mess.

I do NOT go into any cleaning methods in this video.  My goal was to keep it simple and easy to understand so I follow a step-by-step plan that will have you wrapping your next hood like a pro.  

Learning the basics will propel you forward and figuring out the complicated systems will come easier.

Business Owners, Listen Up
If you would like to cut some time off of training your employees, GET THIS VIDEO! They can watch this video a few times and instantly be weeks ahead in their training; the cheapest training you will pay for.  

If your employees are anything like myself, they learn visually.  Once they watch the video a few times they will be able to go out in the field and put that knowledge to use more quickly.  

It's the personal training of vent a hood draping basics!

How Much Is The Video?
Let's be honest here, how much would you invest in a video that saved you the hour or more it takes to clean up a mess made by not knowing how to properly wrap a hood and contain the water?  What is your time worth?  $100/ hour?  More...?

If you think this information is worth thousands of dollars, you would be right- that's what I have paid for it between school and experience!  

To be blunt, I can't just give this information away cheaply.  Although it may be worth $1000 at least, I'm not going to charge you that.

After a lot of consideration I'm making the Hood Wrapping 101 Video available for $49.  That is about half of what your time should be worth the first time you don't have to clean up a mess made my your wrap giving out.  

You will make up the cost of this video on 1 job!!!

"This video is a huge first step for a hood cleaner. It will save you time and tears by showing you the quickest and most efficient way to wrap a hood with the minimum of equipment.
No more flooded kitchens and duct tape . Just good solid proven techniques to help a hood cleaner do his job better."

Alexy Abdo
Industrial Cleaning Solutions 

"I bought your video on bagging hoods and it was sweet and to the point. Good Job. Thanks!"

Zack I.
Mobile Wash Express, LLC.

EDIT:  If you buy the video today, you can have your hands on the biggest time saving "How-To" video in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry for $39!!!
Click on the button below to order.

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:  If you return at a later date to buy the video and the price has risen, don't email me asking for an exception, I will not reply.  

This price is for the people that I see on the forums asking for help, once I know that most of them have bought the video, the price is going up. Now is your chance!!!  

The video is a digital download.  I wanted you to immediately receive the benefits and have the convenience of a simple download and not have to wait days for a DVD to arrive.  

So, once you order you are literally minutes away from changing your business in the eyes of your customers.  

You will gain a lot of confidence and will no longer worry about what your customer will say when they see nasty, greasy water flooding their floors and you or your helper scrambling to shop-vac it up; you will now have that professional image of a pro!

"I'm glad somebody is finally doing it right"

Matt Bryan
Bryan Exhaust

It's up to you now.  You can continue making a mess in restaurant's kitchens and wasting your time getting to know your shop-vac well, or you can fork out a measily $39 and change the way you clean hoods.  Good luck in your endeavors either way.


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